UST Mamiya DHI series Driver & Fairway Golf Shafts

UST Mamiya DHI series Driver & Fairway Golf Shafts

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UST Mamiya DHI Series Graphite Driver & Fairway Shafts

Ultra lightweight graphite Driver and fairway shafts provides performance and value at a cost-effective price point. These shafts are available in 3 flex designs to enable clubmakers to have multiple flex options of Senior, Regular and Stiff. Trim details are supplied with all orders to enable individual fitting for most golfers.


  • Butt Diameter: .600"
  • Tip Diameter: .335"
  • Weight: Senior 63g Regular 67g Stiff 70g
  • Torque: Senior 5.9 Regular 6.2 Stiff 6.1
  • Length: 46.0" (117 cm)
  • Brand : UST Mamiya
  • Country of Origin : USA
  • SKU: US0082

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