GOLF REPAIR REGRIP KIT - Clamp - Knife - Grip Tape

GOLF REPAIR REGRIP KIT - Clamp - Knife - Grip Tape

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As a golfer you all know its super expensive to replace your existing grips. Pro shops and golf stores charge $$$$ PER CLUB to change them over and that's not including the grip itself!

Check the length of our competitors grip tape - most are only 22cm which is not long enough to regrip a club. Ours is 26 cm

With this kit you can save a heap of money by doing it yourself. 

How Do you Do it?

  • Place rubber vice clamp inside a vice (vice not included). Place club inside rubber vice clamp ensuring its lined up.
  • Use Re-grip knife to remove existing grip and remove old tape underneath
  • Use Double Sided Golf Tape to replace old tape
  • Pour grip solvent over the Golf Tape.
  • Slip on new grip. 

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