Brass tip Weights for Steel & Graphite Golf Shafts - Club Swing Weighting

Brass tip Weights for Steel & Graphite Golf Shafts - Club Swing Weighting

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A Must Have Product for Professionally Fine Tuning Golf Clubs.

Only one postage cost for any quantity

These handy brass tip weights are the perfect tool for balancing all your clubs to the same swing weight to achieve uniform swings. Tip weights are available in 2, 4, 6, 8,10 gram weight options for steel golf shafts and 2, 4 gram for graphite shafts

The overall balance of a golf club is very important to achieve the optimal results by producing more solid contact, consistency, speed and greater distance.

A club that has a swing weight that is too heavy or too light is difficult to return the club to a square position. In addition, it may encourage a player to release the club too early or late in the downswing and rob a player of valuable distance.

Tip weight plugs can help solve these problems by shifting the balance point of the club to the correct position. Think of it the same way as a figure skater pulls their arm in toward their body or away from their body making them spin faster or slower. The tip weight plugs essentially have the same benefit.

These are easily inserted into the tip end of the shaft prior to installing the head. Now you can fine-tune all your clubs with our tip weights and counter-balance plugs available for both steel and graphite shafts.

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