Golf Shaft Butt Weight Port for Steel & Graphite Shaft

Golf Shaft Butt Weight Port for Steel & Graphite Shaft

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A Must Have Product for Professionally Fine Tuning Golf Clubs.

Golf Shaft Butt Weight Ports for Steel and Graphite Shaft   

A great tool for counterbalancing steel shafted woods, irons and putters. Simply add lead or tungsten powder into the tube and secure with tape or a cork. The durable plastic weight port fits into the butt end of a steel shaft and is secured after grip installation. Can be sanded to fit graphite shafts. 


  1. Insert the item into the butt end of the shaft. If the item will not slide easily into the butt end, it may be necessary to lightly sand the four outside corners of the weight port to the desired size. It is also possible to drive in the weight port into the butt end of a steel shaft using a hammer. The four edge of the weight port will be shaped to size by a steel shaft. 
  1. Insert desire amount of lead powder, tungsten powder, or lead shot into the weight port. 
  1. Cover the open end of the weight port with masking tape after the desired amount of weight has been added. A cork or epoxy can also be used to seal the weight port. 
  2. Proceed with normal gripping procedures. 

Please note the insert weight port will extend the length of a golf club by 1/8”. To maintain the correct length of a golf club, 1/8” must be removed from the length of the shaft before installing the weight port. 

Tip: it would be helpful to install if you can heat (in boiling water) the plastic until it is soft. You can then drive it into the butt end of the shaft easily and scrape off the excess plastic with a knife. 

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