UST Mamiya VTS Black Reg Graphite Driver & FW Golf Shaft

UST Mamiya VTS Black Reg Graphite Driver & FW Golf Shaft

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UST Mamiya VTS Black Regular Flex Graphite Golf Shaft 

Driver and Fairway - 5F3

The Proforce VTS Black shafts fine tune how weight, flex and torque work in concert to create distance, control and feel. These shafts were created by research that a player could control dispersion based on adjusting torque to their swing style rather than just basing on flex and weight. 

VTS woods are designed with similar stiffness profiles across all models with the exception of torque. VTS Black woods are designed for the golfer seeking a mid to high launch with low spin.

  • Butt Diameter: .615"
  • Tip Diameter: .335"
  • Weight: 59 gm
  • Length: 46.0" (117 cm)
  • Brand : UST
  • Launch: Mid - High
  • Torque: 3.5 Degrees
  • Flex : Regular

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