Genuine Golf Pro Tour - Mens Cabretta Leather Golf Gloves - All Sizes
Genuine Golf Pro Tour - Mens Cabretta Leather Golf Gloves - All Sizes
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Genuine Golf Pro Tour - Mens Cabretta Leather Golf Gloves - All Sizes
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Genuine Golf Pro Tour - Mens Cabretta Leather Golf Gloves - All Sizes

Genuine Golf Pro Tour - Mens Cabretta Leather Golf Gloves - All Sizes

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Cabretta Leather High Quality Golf Pro Mens Golf Glove's 

  • Left Hand Glove - (for right handed golfer) Small to XXL
  • Right Hand Glove - (for left handed golfer) Small to XXL

Elevate performance while wearing the Golf Pro Tour Golf Glove. Constructed of durable Cabretta leather, this glove provides exceptional feel and comfort. An elastic wrist element provides a customized, locked in fit. Perforations in the fingers enables cool comfort during warm weather rounds.


  • Cabretta leather construction blends feel and durability
  • Strategically placed perforations in fingers for superior ventilation
  • Elastic wrist element provides a customized, locked-in fit
  • Velcro closure keeps glove in place during swing

Brand : 

  • Golf Pro

We have a full range of golf gloves to suit most golfers and situations. Please see all our listings under "glove".

Australian / USA Golf Glove Size Chart

The below size charts are measured by the metric (CM) system. This is common for Australia sizes.

Men's Size Chart

Men's golf glove sizes typically come in Regular and Wide. 


Men's Golf Glove Size Chart - measurements are in Centimetres

How to Measure Hand for Correct Glove Size

In order to get the correct size golf glove you need to measure your hand properly.

For length, measure from the first crease below your palm to the tip of your middle finger. Make sure your hand and fingers are comfortably extended.

The most common mistake is circumference or total width of your glove hand. 

Make sure to measure below knuckles. Many folks will measure just above the knuckles and this will give you an inaccurate measurement.

Almost always your circumference (or total width) will be greater than your length. This is a good check point to make sure you are measuring your had properly to get the correct size golf glove.

Make sure to measure across the base of knuckles to avoid a narrow and inaccurate measurement.

Why It's Important to Get the Correct Size Golf Glove

Getting the right sized golf glove is extremely important.

Especially, if you are buying a soft Cabretta golf glove. 

You see the main reason gloves don't last as long as they should is friction. If your glove is moving too much and does not have a snug fit it will twist too much during your swing. 

This twisting causes additional friction which can wear out the leather faster. Your golf glove should not be too loose and have a comfortable but snug fit.

The grip and feel in Cabretta gloves is far superior and preferred by most avid players, but it comes at a price.

Regular vs. Wide Sizes in Golf Gloves

Wide sized golf gloves are shorter and wider than Regular sized golf gloves.

Sometimes people think these are "Junior" golf gloves and that is not the case.

So if you find yourself using gloves that are too long in the fingers, but also too tight you need a Wide size golf glove.

Why Golf Gloves fit Differently with Same Size Chart

Golf Gloves can vary in fit and some of this is due to the design of the glove itself.

Some designs will use material that can stretch and some won't. Using mesh or Lycra/spandex will allow the glove to stretch some and leave some room for error. Additionally, depending on the type of leather (soft vs. thick) may impact the comparative sizing between golf gloves.

Also the manufacturing process for the design might be slightly different.

All of this can make the golf gloves fit differently and impact which size you need for your hand.

This can help you with getting the right size when you can't try on the glove first.

How Do I Know I Have The Right Size Golf Glove?

To verify you have the right size glove check the following...

  1. You have zero to minimal finger tip excess material.
  2. The glove conforms to your hand and does not feel loose across the palm.
  3. You can make a fist in the glove without it being too tight or uncomfortable.

Some gloves use a mesh backing which will flex and provide additional comfort. Just make sure your strap is pulled to a comfortable fit.

Final Thoughts on Golf Glove Sizes

Getting the correct size glove can provide comfort and longevity. Make sure to take the time to get an accurate measurement. It only takes a minute and it can make a big difference.

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